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chandler house


Chandler House will be closing its doors as of June 30, 2017.
Find out more in the March 29, 2017 News Release.

Housing First: Chandler St. House

Since its inception, Inn from the Cold – Kelowna has been evolving to meet the needs of our ever changing community. What started as a volunteer run emergency shelter has developed into a registered charity providing five programs to people experiencing or at-risk of experiencing homelessness.

The Chandler Street housing program is a shared accommodation model that provides eight men who have experienced chronic homelessness in our community long-term housing with 24/7 staff support.

Our program is based around the Housing First Approach, which promotes the idea that providing housing is the first step to transitioning out of homelessness, not the last.

The main floor of the building serves as space for our office, as well as a space for the Free Store.

 Housing First approach to homelessness:



  1. Access to housing with no ‘housing readiness ‘ requirements
  2. Consumer choice and self-determination
  3.  Recovery orientation (in a more holistic sense than simply ‘sobriety’)
  4.  Individualized and resident-driven support
  5. Social & community integration
  1. Respecting the dignity of individuals and their right to safety and care
  2. Participants are experts of their reality
  3. Wellness looks different for everyone
  4. Every step in the right direction is valid, important, and celebrated on the journey towards wellness

1829 Chandler—Our Housing Program

  1. Development of life skills (cooking, cleaning, conflict resolution, budgeting, communication)
  2. Connection to volunteer mentors and community support
  3. Connection specialized professional support through on-site visits from partnering agencies
  4. Opportunity for involvement in recreational, creative, cultural, and spiritual pursuits
  5. Participation in a Residents Committee for property maintenance and to provide recommendations on house operation

Please see the Chandler House Referral Package for more information.