Shelter the Homeless

Imagine having no warm place to lay your head, nowhere to be warm and dry, nowhere safe to rest from your weariness, and no opportunity to have a decent meal. Unfortunately, this is the plight that guests of Inn from the Cold’s winter shelter experience every day.

This Winter season, we ask you to consider donating shelter or a meal to someone in need — your sponsorship means more to them than you can imagine. Our winter shelter serves 35 guests per night and your contribution towards a night, a week, perhaps a month, or the full five-month winter shelter season is an incredible gift.

At Inn from the Cold Kelowna, our goal is to inform and inspire local residents to pull together and help put an end to homelessness in our city. Let’s show the world that Kelowna cares about helping people who are experiencing homelessness, and  acknowledges that homelessness is a community problem, requiring a community solution.

Please help us make a difference in the lives of the most vulnerable in our community.


“The days of wandering the streets to waste time are long; pushing this buggie is stealing my dignity … If it weren’t for the caring at Inn from the Cold, I’d be hungry and in the dark.” ~ Shelter Guest

“I found refuge, safety, and a sense of community here at Inn from the Cold. This place has literally saved my life and the life of my partner … and many, many, many men and women.” ~ Shelter Guest

“When people see me on the street, they look at me like I am some demon. Why can’t they see me as another person? I sleep where I can during the day and ride my bike all night – it is safer that way.” ~ Shelter Guest